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We're thrilled to announce the launch of 3 new product lines in our portfolio!

RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor (220 U/µl)
SoliSD™ Bsm DNA polymerase
SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG
With their innovative features and superior performance, we're confident that these will be a game-changer in the industry. Try them out today and take your research to the next level!

Why lyophilization?

Lyophilization, also known as freeze-drying, is a process commonly used in the preservation of biochemical reagents and various other substances. This technique involves removing the water content from a sample by freezing it and then subjecting it to a vacuum, allowing the frozen water to undergo sublimation. Lyophilization offers several advantages for preserving biochemical reagents:

  • Longer shelf life
  • Maintains Biochemical Integrity
  • Reduced Weight and Volume
  • Improved Reconstitution
  • Minimized Oxidation
  • Enhanced Stability at Room Temperature
  • Versatility
While we offer our products in a liquid form, all our new products come in a lyophilization-compatible format offering you a more versitile customer experience.

RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor (220U/µl)

RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor (220U/µl)

Novel in silico engineered, protein-based RNase inhibitor

This product will efficiently guard your RNA even in the most difficult experiments, allowing you to do your research without any worries and setbacks.

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SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase Kit

SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase Kit

Exceptionally stable SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase for isothermal amplification

SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase Kit is provided in a flexible 5-vial format. Implemented Stability TAG and the unique SoliSD™ Supplement system improves the performance of the enzyme:

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Efficient 5-plex performance is preserved after lyophilization

SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG shows consistent performance before and after lyophilization, as well as after lyophilization with primers and probes. Five-plex RT-qPCR reactions were performed with the SolisFAST® LyoReady qPCR Kit with UNG (amplification plots from VIC and Cy5 channel are presented). The Kit was tested before lyophilization in liquid form (red), after lyophilization to cakes (blue) and after lyophilization to cakes with primers and probes (green). All channels and conditions produced consistent results: Cq values of respective DNA dilutions stayed within ± 0,5 range, fluorescence levels did not fluctuate by more than 15% and efficiencies remained between 90-110%. The reactions were performed with human gDNA (50 ng to 50 pg) and run on Bio-Rad CFX96 platform using the following protocol: 3 min 95 °C, 45 cycles of 3 sec 95 °C, 10 sec 60 °C.

Glycerol-free qPCR solution for effective lyophilization to lyo-beads or lyo-cakes

Fast and sensitive glycerol-free qPCR Mix and a carefully optimized lyophilization excipient mix for effective freeze-drying to cakes or beads.

  • The kit consists of 2 components: a glycerol-free lyo-compatible qPCR mix and a lyophilization excipient mix
  • Enables sensitive and specific DNA detection
  • Contains dUTPs and UNG to prevent carryover contamination
  • Compatible with fast cycling – results in 30 minutes
  • Performance preserved after lyophilization
  • Compatible with lyophilization to beads or cakes
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Product Details

Reagents Provided
Item Pcs. Vial size
5x SolisFAST® Lyo-compatible qPCR Mix with UNG 1 100 rxn | 0.4 ml
4x SolisFAST® Lyo Excipient Mix 1 100 rxn | 0.5 ml


SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG is an optimized solution for fast and sensitive amplification and quantitation of DNA targets with probe-based assays. The kit comes in 2 tubes: the glycerol-free 5x SolisFAST® Lyo-compatible qPCR Mix with UNG and 4x SolisFAST® Lyo Excipient Mix. The composition is optimized for lyophilization to cakes or beads.

5x SolisFAST® Lyo-compatible qPCR Mix with UNG is a 5x concentrated qPCR master mix suitable for real-time detection and quantitation of up to five DNA targets simultaneously. It contains dUTPs instead of dTTPs, as well as Salini UNG® Uracil-N-Glycosylase to prevent carry-over contamination from previous amplifications. The mix does not contain any lyophilization additives or excipients.

4x SolisFAST® Lyo Excipient Mix is a 4x concentrated blend of additives that protect reagents during lyophilization. In combination with the glycerol-free qPCR mix, it enables lyophilization to beads or cakes.


  • Detection and quantification of DNA and cDNA targets
  • Lyophilization to beads and cakes
  • DNA/LNA hydrolysis probe-based assays
  • Singleplexing and multiplexing (up to 5 plex)
  • Microbial detection
  • Viral load determination
  • Genotyping


Sample type: DNA

Hot-start: yes, 30 sec to 3 min initial activation at 95 °C

Cycling speed: fast or ultra-fast

Product format: reagent kit

Detection type: probe-based

Reference dye: none

Compatible real-time instruments: The product is compatible with most qPCR cyclers. If using a ROX-dependent platform, add ROX in concentrations recommended by the platform manufacturer, or switch off ROX normalization prior to the run.

Kit Components

SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG comprises:

  • 5x SolisFAST® Lyo-compatible qPCR Mix with UNG:

SolisFAST® DNA polymerase, Salini UNG® Uracil-N-Glycosylase, nucleotides (dUTPs, dATPs, dCTPs and dGTPs), MgCl2 (5x mix - 16.5 mM, 1x mix – 3.3 mM), glycerol-free reaction buffer.

  • 4x SolisFAST® Lyo Excipient Mix:

A proprietary mix of lyophilization additives that serve as cryoprotectants and stabilizers.

Prevent false positive results with Salini UNG® Uracil-N-Glycosylase
Wide dynamic range
Consistent performance before and after lyophilization, as well as after lyophilization with primers and probes.
Competitive performance before and after lyophilization
Consistency in Cq values with liquid and lyophilized reagents under standard and fast cycling
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Which lyophilization protocol should I use with the SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG?

Please click HERE to open the Data Sheet of SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG or find it under Related Resources. The Data Sheet includes the recommended lyophilization protocol.

Can I use other lyophilization excipients with the SolisFAST® Lyo-compatible qPCR Mix with UNG?

Yes, it is possible to opt for your own set of lyophilisation excipients with the SolisFAST® Lyo-compatible qPCR Mix with UNG. However, for the most optimal lyophilisation conditions and in order to achieve the most stable lyophilizates, we highly recommend using the dedicated SolisFAST® Lyo Excipient Mix.

Can I still use this mix if I do not want to lyophilize my assays?

Yes, it is possible to use this mix for liquid assays. However, if lyophilization is not desired, we recommend using our dedicated master mixes for regular liquid assays. The closest analogue to SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG is SolisFAST® Probe qPCR Mix with UNG, catalog number 28-21-0001.

What are lyophilization excipients?

To protect the biological material, such as enzymes, from the temperature and pressure changes during lyophilization, freeze-drying protectants are employed. These protecting excipients ensure that the materials reserve their active state after lyophilisation. In addition to that, they provide an adequate structure to the lyophilized cake or bead.

What is lyophilization?

Lyophilization, commonly known as freeze-drying, is a process employed to remove the water content from a substance by sublimation after it has been frozen, while preserving its structure and properties. The reagents can be lyophilized to a spheric lyo-bead or a compact lyo-cake format.

Lyophilization helps to extend the product’s shelf life, enhance the stability of the reagents at higher tempereatures, even when mixed together with primers and probes, and allows for convenient and accurate dispensing of the reagents. After lyophilization, the reagents are easily reconstituted with sample material.

Storage & Shipping

Routine storage: -20 °C 

Temporary storage for up to 2 weeks at room temperature has no detrimental effects on the quality of SolisFAST® Lyo-Ready qPCR Kit with UNG.


On ice packs.

NB! Due to the use of ice packs, the shipping cost is approximately 200 euros (depending on package size and destination country).

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