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Second half recap of the year 2022

This year seemed to just fly by because there was just so much happening all the time. It doesn’t feel that long ago when we did the recap for the year's first half. Now it’s time to focus on the second half of the year and all the wonder and joy we got to experience. As it is wintertime, feel free to grab a warm beverage and some gingerbread while you read.

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Using neuropeptides to feed the world

In November of this year, the world population reached an astounding 8 billion people. To support the accompanying increase in food demand, beef and sheep farmers are using scientific interventions for assistance.

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SolisFAST® solutions with UNG enzyme for carryover contamination prevention

Contamination can ruin your day or even week. Data is not valid, a lot of cleaning must be done and supplies are wasted. Precious time and even samples can be lost. Prevention is the best strategy!

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Our new SolisFAST® inhibitor tolerance white paper is out!

To give you a better insight into our SolisFAST® qPCR range’s inhibitor tolerance capabilities, we have put together a white paper. It includes results from different tests, shows the real-life application possibilities and feedback from our partners about the SolisFAST® qPCR products.

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Tarmo – the one bringing out the best in people

There is a person in Solis BioDyne who always seems to know how to make others around him feel better. He has an amazing talent at uniting people and leading a team to great results. This person is Tarmo and here is his story.

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