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Introducing our services

Solis BioDyne has always welcomed all innovative ideas with open hands. In order to elevate our mission and introduce new solutions to the field of genetic testing, we are delighted to present to you our OEM service offerings. Learn how you can implement the Stability TAG technology into your business.

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Narges - our own sunshine

In Estonia, we pretty much spend half a year in the dark and cold. It’s therefore very nice to have a person around who lights up the whole room and brings the warmth of summer with her everywhere she goes. Our own sunshine Narges was chosen by co-workers as the greatest Makes My Day Person in the company, so here is a little story about her to make your day.

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High-throughput genotyping - get better results faster

Science is continually moving toward more accurate and individual-specific approaches when it comes to developing new genotyping technologies. In light of that, we would like to discuss high-throughput genotyping, which allows for a large number of precise results to be obtained fast.

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Birgit - the one with answers to all of your questions

Have you ever used chat on our website to talk about our products or PCR or whatever came to your mind? Have you ever asked for advice from our customer support? If you have, the chances are you were talking to Birgit. She is the little miracle behind your perfectly functioning experiment. Now you have the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

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Products that work better together

Like with people, some products have better chemistry with each other than others. To make your life easier, we have many products in our portfolio that you can combine for your whole experiment setup. Here we have a short list of what is most compatible with what and how our partners have found a use for them.

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