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Taking next steps in Malaria control and prevention

Malaria is probably one of the most known diseases around the world, yet the cure for it remains to be invented. All that can be done right now is try to control and prevent the spread of the disease. This is what researchers at the Parasitology and Public Health Unit at Federal University of Technology Akure in Nigeria are currently working on.

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Kadri - passionate polymath and nature lover

There are some people who have 24 hours in a day and then there are some who seem to have a lot more time. A perfect example of this is Kadri, who has been managing to do so many different things, that it seems impossible she has the same amount of time as the rest of us.

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Solis BioDyne’s productive cooperation with MicroGEM continues

Are you looking for an option to do dsDNA extraction experiments fast, with as few steps as possible, save some money and still get excellent results? We have something special just for you!

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The basics about probe-based qPCR

There are two options with qPCR, either you use intercalating dye or fluorescent probes for target detection. This time we are going to talk about probe-based qPCR. Whether you are new to the technique or just need a refresher, there is something here for everyone.

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SOLIScript® - technology from mythology

Anyone even only slightly familiar with Greek mythology knows about the chimera - a mythological creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail with the head of a serpent. What ancient Greeks came up with thousands of years ago hasn’t disappeared in the modern world. This time around the chimeras aren’t just part of stories, but actually exist in the world with us, for example chimeric enzymes.

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